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How to have a Summer FeelGood day in London for less than £30

As part of Zopa’s mission to help the nation feel good about their finances, we commissioned the Ice Cream Index to identify the top 100 summer items that bring us the most happiness per pound. And for inspiration on how to turn the Ice Cream Index into FeelGood summer days out that don’t break the bank, we teamed up with some of our social media favourites to see what they did.  

First up, was sustainability activist, Venetia, who lives in London. The capital has a reputation for being an expensive city, and it can be if you don’t know how to make the most of it. 

Venetia shared her fun and FeelGood London day and spent only £27.63. 

Here’s what she did: 

She kicked off her day bright and early. Whilst her breakfast might have been the “least instagrammable bowl of porridge ever”, it’s not all about looks. By eating at home, Venetia kept the costs down, and she also made sure to pack a little box of healthy, vegan snacks to help her keep going throughout the day. 

Porridge and snacks for the day£2.81 

To cut costs and make the most of the summer sun, walking was Venetia’s chosen form of transport to get to Hyde Park. London’s parks are a hotspot for free activities. Venetia did yoga in a teepee and then took a trip around the beautiful Serpentine Gallery, both for nothing.

Venetia has one arm raised and is smiling. She is eating a bright pink ice cream in a cone.
Venetia enjoying vegan ice cream on her FeelGood day out

Morning activities:  £0 

After a short bus ride (£1.50), Venetia’s next stop was an ice-cream parlour, where she had some very instagrammable, very vegan ice cream. Ordering it in a cone helped keep the day plastic-free.

Our Index found that vegan ice cream is in the top 10 items to make you FeelGood, so while it wasn’t that cheap at £4.90, it punches above its weight to make your summer as good as it possibly can be.  

Next up, Venetia walked south to Pimlico to enjoy an afternoon wandering through the thrift shops. It’s a challenge to find just the right thing in just the right size, but that’s part of the fun. Thrift shops are also a great way to meet locals and get a real sense of what the city is like. 

Afternoon activities £6.40 

To finish the day, Venetia had a two-course dinner at Wulf and Lamb in Chelsea. It’s located in one of the most luxurious boroughs of London, in an idyllic pedestrianised street: perfect to finish off a day’s walking.  

Evening meal£18:42 

FeelGood total: £27.63 

To see Venetia’s full day check out her YouTube video here

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Are you inspired to go on a FeelGood day out?

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