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How to have a summer FeelGood day out with your family for £50

As part of Zopa’s mission to help the nation feel good about their finances, we commissioned the Ice Cream Index to identify the top 100 summer items that bring us the most happiness per pound. And for inspiration on how to turn the Ice Cream Index into FeelGood summer days out that don’t break the bank, we teamed up with some of our social media favourites to see what they did.  

Ellis Sara Smith has made her name sharing the details of her family routine and lifestyle on YouTube. With a young family, things are pretty busy and the costs of days out can easily mount up. So we challenged Ellis to enjoy a FeelGood family day at the beach for under £50. 

From early morning ‘huggles’ in bed with her children to a home-cooked meal at the end of the day, here’s how she managed it: 

Ellis had a slow start to the day with her family. Both her boys joined her for ‘huggles’ (their word!) in bed before getting up for the day.    

The Ice Cream Index found that relaxing in bed was one of the nation’s top FeelGood activities. While sharing the morning with two small children might not be everyone’s idea of relaxing, they certainly enjoyed the morning together before getting ready for the day. 

She prepared everything that they needed for the beach, including packing up some sandwiches and snacks in a cool bag so they didn’t have to buy food out. She also took a cold coffee to save her buying one on the road. Preparation is key to keeping costs down. 

Breakfast and packed lunch for 4: £20 

Our Ice Cream Index found that going to the beach is in the top 100 things to do this summer, and Ellis’s family showed us why. They played in the sand, paddled at the water’s edge and sat in the sun to enjoy an ice-cream.  

The preparation paid off too. Ellis had filled the car with buckets, spades, footballs and other beach toys so they could resist the lure of seaside shops and re-use what they already had. 

After a fun-filled afternoon, they packed up the car and headed home. 

Afternoon ice creams at the beach: c. £10

When they got back, Ellis whipped up a meal for the whole family. A home-cooked meal also ranked highly in our Ice Cream Index, and watching Ellis make a veg-filled prawn linguine, it’s easy to see why. d

Dinner for 4: c. £20

To finish off the day, everyone jumped back into bed to watch a movie together before heading off to sleep.  

FeelGood total£50 

To watch Ellis’s FeelGood day check out her YouTube video. 

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Are you inspired by Ellis’s FeelGood day?

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