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Money Talks… it’s time we listened

Cartoon illustrations of a 20 p coin, five and ten pound notes, debit and credit cards and a pound coin set against a teal background.

For many of us, money is more of an uneasy acquaintance than a favourite friend.  

A recent study found that 1 in 3 people weren’t comfortable working out the change from a basic shopping trip.1 It concluded that this would have negative implications for important decisions like choosing a mortgage, managing debt and growing savings.  

As part of Zopa’s mission to make people feel good about their money, we want to help people feel more at ease with their finances. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with illustrator and social media favourite Chaz Hutton (that’s @chazhutton to the folk on Twitter, or Instachaaz for the Instagrammers) to help us get to know our money better.  

With his help, we’ll hear what money talks about. Coins and cards will take on a life of their own and shed some light on their inner workings. They’ll give us a behind-the-scenes look at the financial tools and concepts we use every day, like how credit cards work and why compound interest is so important. 

And we’ll also learn some fun facts about our wallet regulars. If you want to find out why Tinder is 20p’s app of choice, stay tuned….

Behind the campaign 

Talking about the series, Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer at Zopa, said: “At Zopa, we want to make people feel good about money, but we know that talking about finances and understanding them can be intimidating at times. So to make things a bit simpler, we’ve commissioned InstaChaaz, an illustrator well known for simplifying some of life’s most complicated concepts.”

Chaz Hutton, who created the amusing illustrations, said: “I’m not a finance expert, but I can draw comics, which is why I enjoyed being able to create these comics to help cut through the complexity of finance. They show that you don’t need to be a financial whiz to know how to make your money work harder for you. When Zopa came to me with this brief, it made me wonder what type of conversations that spare change we’ve all got in our pocket or purse could hypothetically be talking about right now.”

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