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Protecting yourself from fraud

Online fraud is on the rise and the people behind the scams are getting smarter — we have even heard from customers about fraudsters impersonating Zopa.

We’re always working to keep your details locked away securely and have teams dedicated to this very job. But here are some ways you can help ensure your private information remains private.

Spotting a scammer

As mentioned at the top, fraudsters have lots of tricks to get you to reveal sensitive details. One tactic is to pretend to be a legitimate company, like Zopa. However, there are some red flags that can help you spot these scams.

At Zopa, we’ll never:

  • Contact you asking for your login details
  • Work with any companies investing money in Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies
  • Pay money into your account and ask you to instantly move it on to another account
  • Work with companies who will ask you to take out a Zopa loan to fund an investment

If you do get a call or email claiming to be Zopa that covers any of the above, you’ll know it’s not us, so don’t feel bad about hanging up on the caller or ignoring the email.

What you can do

Away from incoming threats, there are some preventative protection measures you can take.

The basics:

  • Always keep your passwords and login details to yourself (and update those passwords regularly)
  • If you lose a bank card, call your bank immediately, or freeze it in your app if you’re able to
  • If you receive money or see transactions you don’t recognise, contact your bank immediately
  • Always check out a company on the FCA register and Google them to check if there is anything suspicious before dealing with them  
  • Use the DVLA website to check your driving licence has not been changed without you knowing
  • Check your credit file and credit score regularly
  • Be sceptical. Don’t just assume the person calling you is who they claim to be
  • Only open emails from people you know or companies you recognise have a legitimate reason to contact you – for example you have an account with them or you are opted in to receive emails from them.
  • Finally, an old school favourite: shred your post

Our affiliates

We do work with some affiliates. But If you’ve been told by a company that they work with Zopa and you’re feeling unsure, you can always give us a ring to check.

Want more tips and guidance? We think these two sources are a good start:

Take Five to Stop Fraud

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