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The Zopa 100 Days Borrowing Power Challenge

Due to the uncertainty created by the Coronavirus, we’ve cancelled our first ever 100 Days Borrowing Power Challenge. We’d like to say a big thank you to our five Challengers for taking part and starting the conversation about how real people can take steps to improve their credit health. We hope to be able to run the full challenge again in the future. In the mean time, if you want to find out more and know your Borrowing Power, download our app.

Did you know that you could improve your Borrowing Power rating in just 100 days? 

By following the personalised actions you see in your app, you could improve your credit health and be eligible for a cheaper Zopa loan in a little over three months. Does this sound like the start to the new decade that you’re looking for? Then this could be the challenge for you…

About your Borrowing Power rating

Your borrowing Power rating is a simple 1-10 Zopa rating that puts you in control by giving you a clear picture of your financial health. Borrowing Power explains what we look at when deciding whether to lend or not, and gives you personalised actions for the areas that you could improve. It also shows you exactly which Zopa loans you’re eligible for now and which loan rates you could unlock if you improved your rating. Representative 9.9% APR.

You can find out lots more about how Borrowing Power works and the things that go into your rating on our blog.

And our data shows that following the personalised actions within Borrowing Power, you could improve your rating in just 100 days. That’s where our 100 Days Challenge comes in…

The 100 Days Challenge

Working with personal finance whizz Jen (@mamafurfur), we’re looking for two challengers to go on a 100 day journey to see if they can improve their Borrowing Power. By following the personalised actions they see in their app, they could make a real difference to their credit health and get the decade off to a good financial start. 

Here’s what Jen has to say about it:

Sound like something you’d love to be part off? Here’s how…

  1. Download and sign up to use our app. We’re looking for people with a Borrowing Power rating of 6 or below, who are ready to make some changes to their credit health and willing to share their journey with us.
  2. Send us a DM on our social channels (Twitter or Facebook), or drop us an email at and we’ll send over what you’ll need to do. Ts and Cs apply.
  3. We’ll be in touch to see if the challenge is right for you.

Why take the challenge?

Aside from the obvious reason of improving your Borrowing Power rating, it should be a great experience.

To start with, we’ll provide you with your own camera so you have all the tools you need to share your Borrowing Power journey with us.

And you’ll get a trip, including travel and hotel accommodation, to meet Jen in person and discuss your progress (paid for by Zopa of course). Terms and conditions apply.

Excited? So are we! Drop us a line on now!